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  • 4/18 Lucha Underground Television Taping Results; Final Episode Before “Ultimo Lucha” Season Finale *SPOILERS*

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 Mike Killam No comments


    These results should be for the final episode prior to the August “Ultimo Lucha” season finale, which we also have full results for.

    Dark Match: Jack Evans def. Cheerleader Melissa

    (1) The Mack def. Cage with a rollup while Mack is celebrating Cage attacks him from behind and the start brawling around the arena. Dario Cueto comes out and makes a falls count anywhere match for ultima lucha.

    (2) Texano def. Johny Mundo by dq when Mr. Cizco and Cortes Castro interfere and attacked Texano. The three started attacking Texano and Alberto El Patron made the save. Alberto and Texano stared at each other and Alberto just left.

    Dario Cueto came out to explain what the medallions mean. The seven wrestlers with medallions will have a seven way match. The winner will win the “title of the aztec gods”. This title gives the opportunity to have a Lucha Underground championship match. The title has to be defended. Once the title is cashed for the opportunity for the championship, the seven medallions need to be collected again [so basically they’re the Dragon Balls]. To use the opportunity the holder needs to give at least a week notice, so not like money in the bank.

    Everyone with a medallion puts it on the title of the Aztec gods, except for Fenix because he is not there. Dario says that as Fenix was destroyed by Mil Muertes he will have a battle royal for the seventh medallion. Fenix makes his return but Dario says he is a little late, but puts him in the battle royal.

    (3) Fenix wins the battle royal.

    Prince Puma comes out to the ring he gets a mic and is about to talk but Mil Muertes comes out. They start brawling in the ring. Puma gets the upper hand and does his finishes. The episode ends with puma looking strong.


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