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  • April Hunter Interview

    April Hunter Interview

    april hunterAs a kid, did you think you would end up in the world of Pro-Wrestling?

    No, but I thought I’d always do something different…I could never see myself conforming to the evils of the corporate world.

    Any specific title win you considered a hightlight of your career?

    Not to sound like a cliche but they’re all highlights. When someone chooses you to represent their company, it’s a pretty cool honor.

    You have worked for Ring of Honor. Would you like to see a women’s division in ROH?

    Yes, but I can’t see it happening. They promised me something along those lines, but for each show, I was told to essentially be a “5th ringpost”. I was not allowed to do anything in the match ups. Only one girl was allowed to participate in matches and the others were strictly ‘eye candy’. I usually came out of ROH just as stupid as when I went in, and that’s not supposed to happen. Matches are to be learned from. The few times I wrestled was bad. Once I thought I had bronchitis, but it was actually a pneumonia, and I didn’t know. My policy has always been “if I can walk, I can wrestle”, so I didn’t cancel. Slyk Wagner Brown and I wrestled the Outcast Killahs that night. Except for my dizziness in the ring from not being “all there”, the match came off cool, but it was completely cut out of the show’s dvd. Later, I did a short match with Allison Danger that was awful. I doubt ROH is really interested in having a true women’s division or they’d be bringing in talent from overseas like they do for the men’s division. With any luck they will read this and a women’s division will be borne. My experience with ROH is that the promotion has all the potential in the world with some amazing talent, but they’re more focused on politics, power-play and friends rather than creating genuine opportunities.

    What was your stint in WCW like? Anything you didn’t like there?

    It was a really fun time for me…yet tiring! The amount of travel was incredible and you just NEVER got enough sleep. That was the part I didn’t like, but you didn’t really have a choice. Everything else was a cool experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed my time with them.

    The Nitro skit where it was Scott Steiner’s birthday and Kevin Nash lined up a host of beauties for him. You were one of the beauties. One by one Scott would take a woman into the room. What was happening in there?

    That was my debut! We laughed and waited until they said “action” or “cut”. But would you like me to make up something more interesting? Scott (the person) was married and a gentleman. I always liked working with him.

    Wrestling Rumors and News would like to to thank “Big Red” April Hunter for taking time out of her busy scedule to do the interview and we wish her continued success.

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