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  • Blue Meaning Interview

    Blue Meanie Interview

    How did you come up with the name the Blue Meanie?

    Raven gave me the name after he watched the movie “Yellow Submarine.” He thought my in ring persona at the time was similar to the Blue Meanie character in that movie.

    Who were some of your wrestling hero’s when you were growing up?

    It always varied. Off the top f my head I would say Dr. Death Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Randy Savage, Tito Santana, Jimmy Snuka The Great Muta, Ric Flair, Mick Foley etc.

    How was the ECW locker room atmosphere different from that of WWE?

    ECW atmosphere in general was very family like. I don’t mean milk and cookies kind of family but more of an everyone looking out for each other kind of family. If there was something to be learned, you would see a veteran take the younger guys aside and give them pointers. The WWE was “OK” but no where close as ECW’s.

    What wrestler have you not yet wrestled that you would like to wrestle in the future?

    That’s pretty hard since I have wrestled a lot of people. I Would love the opportunity to be in the ring with Benoit or Guererro.

    Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

    Wish I could predict that accurately. If I had my choice I would like to still be involved with wrestling in some form.

    What is your most memorable moment in ECW and why?

    It would be a tie between being part of Mick Foleys ECW farewell and the bWo. When Mick had mentioned he thought of a way to include Stevie and I in on his farewell. It was very surreal. I had always looked at Mick as one of wrestling best all around performers. He could excite the fans with his in ring performance and he could give one hell of an interview. The bWo was memorable just for the fact that it was just supposed to be a one night deal that we rode for close to 8 months.

    What talent if any from ECW do you still keep in contact with?

    Mostly Roadkill. He appears on a lot of 3PW shows.

    Who do you feel is the greatest wrestler of all time and why?

    Roddy Piper. Just the way he talked alone could incite a riot. His feud with Snuka is legendary but you don’t need me to remind you of that (laughs).

    Do you watch much of the WWE?

    VERY sporadically

    What wrestlers if any from the WWE do you still keep in contact with?

    Very few. It’s more of a schedule thing.

    What do you do to relax?

    I just chill with Jasmin. We chill out with the cats and watch a DVD or go for a long walk. We’re people watchers as well. So that can kill a few hours (laughs).


    Paul Heyman – mind

    Lance Storm – athletic as all hell

    Justin Credible – humble

    Vince McMahon – Vince McMahon

    Tommy Dreamer – mediator

    Sabu – innovator

    ECW – I deeply miss the real ECW. I am very scared of what may come of it.

    WWE – down time. let the wrestlers write the shows.

    Wrestling Rumors and News would like to to thank The Blue Meanie for taking time out of his busy scedule to do the interview and we wish him and the rest of 3PW continued success.The above picture is used with the permission of the Blue Meanie

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