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  • Eva Marie And The Brian Kendrick Talk About Improving Her In-Ring Skills

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    Source: WWE

    eva marieWe’ve noted how Eva Marie has been working on her in-ring skills with former WWE Superstar The Brian Kendrick at his school in California. WWE recently spoke with the two and Eva revealed how the pairing came to be:

    “I’ve been out for six months because I had to get surgery. That bummed me out, because I really wanted to perfect my craft. When I come back, I really want to show the WWE Universe how much Eva Marie wants to be here. So, I reached out to Triple H and Mr. McMahon and said I would love the opportunity to just train, so that I could learn the craft. Hunter put me in contact with Brian Kendrick, which is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

    Kendrick revealed he learned about Eva through William Regal and commented on what he expected:

    “The thing was, I didn’t know what to expect. When I talked to Mr. Regal, he said, “Best of luck.” I didn’t know if he was being sarcastic. I said, “Is she bad?” He told me, “Honestly, we don’t know. She just hasn’t done enough in wrestling to tell if she’s good, bad or anything. She’s inexperienced.” I knew I was going to have to take her from the ground up. I didn’t know how much effort she’d put into it. I thought she’d put in one or two days a week, based on other people that I’ve trained, but she’s insisting on going at least five days a week. We’re going for our sixth day tomorrow. She’s the most driven person I’ve ever dealt with.”

    Kendrick has had Eva watching matches such as Super Crazy and Tajiri in ECW so her style will have some lucha influence when she returns, Eva said. She also commented on if she has something to prove when she comes back:

    “I really don’t think it’s something to prove, but I think the WWE Universe might not know that I tried out to be a Diva first. That’s what I wanted to do ? wrestle. Everything else that happened ? “Total Divas” and the main roster ? came along so quickly. When I come back, I want to showcase what I’ve learned. It’s for the people that have believed in me. I do it for them, to make them proud and happy and have their support. Plus, I love wrestling. This is why I joined WWE. I’m so excited to come back.”

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  • Lana On Women And Men, Update On The Miz Vs. Damien Sandow, Hideo Itami, Eva Marie’s Springboard DDT

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    Hideo Itami will be going to Japan next month to do promotional work for WWE as they prepare for two live events there in July.

    – For those wondering, Monday’s RAW was designed to be the end of the feud between The Miz and Damien Sandow. There’s still no word yet on if The Miz will be at Extreme Rules or next week’s TV tapings but he was scheduled at one point. Miz and Summer Rae did media in New York City for The Marine 4 yesterday and then Miz reportedly flew off to join Paige for filming of Santa’s Little Helper.

    ? LANA (@LanaWWE) April 22, 2015

    Eva Marie posted this video of she and The Brian Kendrick working on springboard DDTs yesterday:


  • Nikki Bella Comments On Extreme Rules, Two WWE Superstars Reach ‘Milestone’ On RAW, Matt Hardy Comments on TNA Tag Title Win (Video)

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    wwe tough enoughSuperstar ‘Milestone’

    Both Kane and Zack Ryder suffered their 100th televised loss this past Monday night on WWE RAW.

    Nikki Bella Comments On Extreme Rules

    WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella recently made the following comments on her Instagram account, talking about her title defense against new number one contender Naomi:

    En route home. This week will be preparation for what will stay mine this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Dream & Achieve.

    Matt Hardy Comments on TNA Tag Title Win

    New TNA Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy recently commented on his championship win on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

    Matt and his brother Jeff won the tag team titles after winning a qualifying match and an Ultimate X match. You can see what Matt had to say in the player below:


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  • Missy Hyatt Gives Explanation for Arrest, “Grand Theft” Charges

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    missy hyattRecently it was reported that Missy Hyatt had been arrested in March on charges of grand theft in Tallahassee, FL.Hyatt spoke with Mike Johnson of to explain her side of the situation. Apparently, another woman left a civil war reenactment uniform in her rental car, which was lost when she returned it to the dealership without knowing the uniform was inside. The woman then went to local police, claiming the item was worth $10,000 which led to Hyatt being charged for grand theft (any property over $300 in the state of Florida).

    When she heard about the charges, Missy went to the police and turned herself in, and was released a few hours later. She noted that the other woman had no receipt for the purchase of the uniform, no proof that it was ever in her car, and that she expects the case to get laughed out of court or at the very least dropped to a civil matter.

  • Eva Marie on “Live From E!” This Morning; Update on Her Wrestling Training

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    Eva Marie News

    eva marieEva Marie was a guest on “Live From E!” this morning, followed by another in-ring training session with Brian Kendrick, where apparently she was learning how to perform a springboard DDT.

    So great having you on Live From E! today, @natalieevamarie! You crushed it, er head scissored it. #AllRedEverything

    — Will Marfuggi (@willmarfuggi) April 21, 2015

    Working on a spring board DDT with @mrbriankendrick after co hosting this morning @eonline

    — Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) April 21, 2015

    Good for Eva. Genuinely. She gets a lot of crap from a lot of people but the reality is the company saw a pretty face and body and threw her on television before she knew how to wrestle. Would you throw a high school freshman onto the Patriots? The downside for her is she’s got a massive spotlight on her as she attempts to start from square one; the upside is there’s that many more eyes on her if she manages to overcome the odds.

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  • Retired WWE Diva AJ Lee Highlights

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    Enjoy these highlights of former WWE Diva AJ Lee:

  • Lilian Garcia Surgery Update

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    Lilian Garcia Surgery Update

    Here is what Lilian Garcia said in regards to her recent surgery:



  • WWE Signs NEW Diva Model Alisha Ceraso (Video)

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    WWE Signs NEW Diva, Model Alisha Ceraso (VIDEO Included)

    According to, WWE has signed fitness model Alisah Ceraso, who is working under the name Dani.  Here is a video of her:

  • Kelly Kelly’s Bikini Photo Shoot

    Posted on March 28th, 2012 admin 1 comment

    WWE Diva Kelly Kelly’s Maxim Magazine Bikini Photoshoot

    If you have not seen WWE Diva Kelly Kelly’s Maxim Magazine photo shoot then you have definitely got to check this out below:

  • Gary McKeith’s Roulette Reaper Scam?

    Posted on October 27th, 2011 admin 7 comments

    Gary Mckeith’s Roulette Reaper Review

    Gary McKeith's Roulette Reaper Review

    Is Gary McKeith’s Roulette Reaper a scam? You have to first ask yourself, how can it be? The software is free to use for the first 10 times that you launch it. On average people can earn $200 per hour using the software. If you did that 10 times you would make $2,000 and as it only costs $39.95 for the product activation key, the only person that loses out is the casino!

    The casinos want this software banned for a reason, it works too well. The roulette reaper is so confident that the software works, that he lets you have it for free, how can that possibly be a scam. To date, Roulette Reaper is generally accepted as the only true way to beat a roulette table, and whilst gambling might not be everybody’s idea of a safe way to make a living, the fact that you don’t need to part with any cash to prove that it works, is unheard of with such systems. In short the Roulette Reaper is far from a scam, he’s a modern day Robin Hood and his efforts are widely commended around the world.

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