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  • Damian Demento Interview

    Damian Demento Interview

    damien-dementoWhat made you decide to get into professional wrestling?

    I played alot of football I liked the contact, it was kind of a natural thing to try wrestling I considered it a sport before I knew about it

    Who was your biggest wrestling influence?

    The guy who trained me: the Unpredictable Johnny Rodzs he was my biggest influence he was old school

    What wrestler or wrestlers were the most stuck up in the locker room?

    No one was, there are different personalities I wanted to be a team guy and get along with everyone and it seems like alot of the guys were like that.

    What is the best rib you have played on someone or have been a witness to?

    I was working with Jimmy Powers, and we were going to have a match after Skinner and whoever he was working with and Skinner is a real smart guy and he is notorious for ribs. Anyways Powers is known to work the same match everytime so Skinner calls the same match as Powers would have and Powers had to change the way he was going to work his match at the last moment he was pretty upset.

    What wrestler or wrestlers do you still keep in contact with from you WWF/WWE days if any at all?

    None, I have talked to Bret Hart, Steve Lombardi, Sgt. Slaughter at indy shows mostly just small talk. When your in it your in it your in. And when you are out of it you are out.

    What wrestler did you not wrestle would you liked to have wrestled and why?

    Bret Hart well he was the champ when I was there because he was a great worker and athlete.

    Who is the most overated wrestler ever and why?

    Most underrated is me, overrated I don’t know like Don King says if the promotion doesn’t outdo the event then he wasn’t doing a proper job promoting.

    Why do you think pro wrestling is in a slump as of late?

    Because it is all controlled it is all deliberate so if it is in a funk right now it is because Vince wants it to be.

    What do you believe will be the state of wrestling in the next 10 years?

    I think go back ten years and see where we were and look at it now wrestling is just a reflection of mainstream entertainment and technology and will continue to do that in the future.

    What was the best part of working for the WWF/WWE?

    The greatest thing is working for the WWF/WWE being there it is where every other wrestler would like to be so knowing that you made it there is the greatest part.

    What was the worst part of working for the WWF/WWE?

    Thinking that you are a good talent and not being utilized.

    What was your worst injury you suffered in the ring?

    I was working with a wrestler I would rather not mention his name. And he wants to do a coarse body and he does it to me outside of the ring and he pinched a nerve in my neck and he did the same move on Tazz years later and Tazz got injured as well it may have ended his wrestling career in the ring.

    Who was the most untalented person you ever worked with in the ring?

    The guy that injured myself and Tazz. I don’t dislike him , I am not going to say his name he is the most untalented wrestler I would mention his name but I don’t give him the publicity

    Who was the most talented person you ever worked with in the ring?

    Curt Henning great worker and a great athlete and a great guy.


    Vince McMahon

    The man and could be a producer of a screenplay I have written.

    The Undertaker

    I worked with him only once he is a real big name in the business but he doesn’t come close to Hogan good athlete though. He doesn’t have a lot of charisma

    The Bushwackers

    When I was doing the indy’s I worked with them 2 or 3 times and they were able to appreciate my work so I gave them a tape of me wrestling because I heard they were going to be going to the WWF and they ended up getting me in the WWF/WWE

    Bret Hart

    Sincerely a nice guy

    The Nasty Boys

    Their gimmick wasn’t a work that was them they were to much to hang around with they would get you in trouble.

    Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)

    A good guy


    sweet heart

    Shawn Michaels

    funny voice I think he has nasal problems

    Wrestling Rumors and News would like to thank Damian Demento for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the interview we wish him the very best in the future

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