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  • Dixie Pushes Tonight’s Impact Debut In France On Twitter

    Posted on September 10th, 2010 admin No comments

    Dixie Carter TNA Wrestling President

    The following are some new tweets from the official Twitter page of TNA president Dixie Carter:

    First up, Dixie Carter brushes off her French vocabulary:

    “Premier Impact ce soir sur Ma Chaine Sport! Attention pour ce soir, c’est exceptionnellement à 19h30”

    (roughly translated, it simply means the premiere edition of Impact airs tonight on My Sport Channel, along with the start-time for the show)

    And finally, an intoxication disclaimer, along with basically the same thing in English:

    “I’m not drunk (but that was a funny post). That’s French not Spanish. This IS USA but Twitter is global. TNA debuts in France Friday night!”

    Follow more Dixie Carter tweets on Twitter @ TNADixie.

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