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  • Dolph Ziggler Speaks On Life Before WWE, Favorite Wrestlers

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    Dolph Ziggler never did wrestle much with what he wanted to do as a career.

    He was just 5 years old when he saw his first wrestling match and was mesmerized by the excitement of it all. He was just 12 years old when he decided wrestling might be something he wanted to do as a career. Not that he could major in wrestling when he attended Kent State University in Ohio.

    “When I was in college … I did political science as my major with a prelaw minor,” said Ziggler, who will be at Kay Yeager Coliseum at 7:30 tonight with World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown. ” … I’m always interested in politics. I stay informed with what’s going on.”

    In fact, he was getting ready to start his first semester of law school when his life zigzagged into his Plan B: wrestling.

    He remembers he and his brother, like all brothers, would wrestle around the house when they were growing up. In fact, his brother just started his professional wrestling training, though he’s not affiliated with WWE. Ziggler remembers admiring guys like the Von Erich brothers — the Beatles of the wrestling world — and Ric Flair.

    “Shawn Michaels, who’s from San Antonio, was just inducted into the (WWE) Hall of Fame … He and Ric Flair were two of my favorites.”

    Ziggler, whose real name is Nicholas Nemeth, said his parents weren’t too keen about his wrestling ambitions when he was younger.

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