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  • Dolph Ziggler Talks About His Amateur Wrestling Background

    Posted on December 27th, 2010 admin 25 comments

    Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph Ziggler Talks About His Amateur Wrestling Background – Dolph Ziggler took part in an interview in which was conducted by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review promoting tomorrow night’s SmackDown live event in Pittsburgh, PA. Dolph says his amateur wrestling background comes in handy for him inside the WWE ring.

    “In high school and college, I worked hard as hell to be in great shape, to be good at what I did. A lot of that translates over, or at least helps with the mindset — constantly wanting to be better,” he says. “Also, because of my wrestling background, I’ve been able to apply a lot of moves that a lot of people haven’t seen in a long time — stuff I’ve actually used in college to win matches.

    “I used to do this ‘crucifix pin,’ where you get a guy’s arm between your legs and another arm between your arms and you roll him on his back. I used to use that as a finishing move in high school and college. Now I actually use it almost every match. It’s really comfortable for me to go to place like that really quickly.” Ziggler also feels that being able to entertain a crowd is just as, if not more, important than looking the part of a WWE Superstar.

    “You have to differentiate yourself from other people,” he says. “There’s a million guys out there who are athletic. There’s a million 6-foot-8 guys who played football. It’s (about) being able to relate to the fans.”

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