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  • Former WWE Diva Pulled From Indy Show, Speaks on Twitter

    Posted on January 5th, 2011 admin 36 comments

    PlayerAuctions Celebrates Cataclysm!

    Former WWE Diva Tiffany recently reported that former WWE Diva Tiffany, real name Taryn Terrell, was pulled from a Pro Wrestling Revolution show scheduled to take place next month. The reason cited for Terrell being pulled was that she made additional demands from the promotion after they had already made an agreement., in an update to the story, posted the following on its website: “While these requests were simply not feasible for the independent wrestling scene, we’d like to stress that ChickFight and Pro Wrestling Revolution did attempt to cater to Ms Terrel’s requests, despite already having an agreement with her.”

    Taryn Terrell herself then posted the following on Twitter in response to the story: “I was taken off a show without my knowledge. I was very much looking forward to this match and am saddened that they were in talks with my team and decided against working with me. Nothing I was asking was out of the ordinary, and it is standard in every entertainment contract. In fact, I was taking far less than my booking fee to have the amazing opportunity to face Alissa Flash. I apologize to my fans as I did not see this coming. No one communicated that they didn’t want to review the contract and I was unaware they were pulling me. And I hope to see you guys, my wonderful fans, soon. I do thank Diva-Dirt, ChickFight, and Pro Wrestling Revolution for considering me and hope to have the opportunity to work with you all at some point. I do have a few appearances coming up which will be posted online soon! Love you all!”

    Hmm sounds like somebody still thinks they are a Diva.

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