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  • Game Copy Monster Review

    Posted on September 11th, 2010 admin 29 comments


    Click here for GAME COPY MONSTER

    There are a number of game copy software’s that are available in the market today, but in order to be able to make exact replicas of the original games it is very important that you should chose a very good and highly reputed game copy software . Many people have given up the use of such game copy software’s thinking that it is a failed concept, but let me tell you that this is not true. There are a whole lot of game copy software’s that will provide you all the facilities that you need. I am writing this review on the game copy monster, in my opinion it is the best game copy software that you can get your hands on. So red on to know why I highly recommend this software to you.

    Even I have been through a phase where practically every game copy software that I purchased was a mere disappointment and nothing more, but I felt truly blessed when I got my hands on the game copy monster.

    When I first used the game copy monster I was shocked to see how simply I could use it all by myself without any help, I say this because I am not at all a computer expert and am only aware of certain basic functions.

    The game copy monster comes with asset up software and a very well prepared instruction manual that is very easy to follow. All that one is required to do is install the software and then run the disk of the game you want to copy, the software will keep giving you instructions and ask you simple questions and in no time you will have he game saved on your computer, all that is left to do is copy it on blank CD or DVD.

    Some really cool features about the game copy software are:

    1. It is highly affordable software that almost anyone can use.
    2. It can be used to make back up copies of Xbox, ps2, Wii and Dreamcast games.
    3. It comes with a very easy to follow and well illustrated instruction manual that makes the use of the game copy monster extremely simple.
    4. The quality of the back up games is exactly the same as the original ones.
    5. The game copy monster can also be used to copy your favorite media files, music, movies etc.
    6. The software is compatible with almost all windows versions.

    With so many qualities under its belt the game copy monster beats its competitors hands down, so now it’s your turn to get it and benefit from it.

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