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  • Guy Gets Girl Product Review

    Posted on February 6th, 2011 admin 9 comments

    Here is a video reviewing a popular product here on this site Guy Gets Girl:

    More About Guy Gets Girl

    Guy Gets Girl comprises of 3 eBooks – teaching you tactics from beginner, intermediate to advanced level. The first edition by Tiffany Taylor is a step-by-step guide teaching men how to pickup, date, and seduce women. It is special as it is the first dating guide written for men by a woman. Tiffany Taylor is an award winning author and has written extensively on dating.

    In the book, Tiffany helps you to understand women better, know what they want, what attracts them, and most importantly how to be the type of guy that women want. It shares with you how the mind of a woman works and teaches you how to activate the emotional attraction buttons in her mind. The techniques revealed in this book would be able to help all guys attract beautiful women, regardless of his looks, age and financial ability. It teaches you how to improve your confidence and how to approach women. It also shares with you the things to not to do during the first date which includes teaching you how to plan the date as well as which topics are good conversation starters and which you have to avoid. A very essential part is its 10 commandments to win over a woman, which tells you exactly what to do or not to do.

    The second edition has 108 pages and is an intermediate version and covers techniques and topics not in the first eBook. It tells you everything there is to know on dating the most beautiful women. It helps you decipher the women mind so that you know what women really want. It also includes information on seduction and tells you some of the best places to meet girls.

    The third edition is an advanced guide to seduction. It teaches you how to understand a woman’s signals and body language. It also includes strategies that teach you how to look for targets and the things to say and do when you approach your target. It also shares with you strategies to use during the conversation, and how to end the initial approach so that you will succeed in getting her attracted to you.

    Therefore, if you will want to learn techniques that allow you to achieve guaranteed success in dating, the Guy Gets Girl eBooks are perfect for you. Furthermore, a major advantage of Guy Gets Girl is that it is from a woman’s perspective and even comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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