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  • Hulk Hogan Backtracks On His Recent Edge Comments

    Posted on April 12th, 2011 admin 6 comments

    Hogan is now backtracking on his most recent negative comments about Edges retirement, here is what he had to say:


    Hulk Hogan posted the following comments on his official Twitter page: “I’m not saying anything bad about Edge, but he’s a real wrestler. Stone Cold and Cena had neck surgery and u couldn’t stop em, or Edge.  It’s in Edges blood,he lives for this business.  He’s a real wrestler, he’s a lifer, he’s one of the real boys, he’s hard to hold down, that’s all. HH”

    It’s interesting to note that Hogan’s mention of Steve Austin’s neck surgery (the same surgery that Edge had) seemed to indicate that Austin worked after the surgery and Edge has not.  Both men worked for a while after their surgeries, but Austin stopped wrestling for the exact same reason Edge has been forced to retire: they risk very serious, permanent damage to their bodies if they continue.

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