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  • Hulk Hogan Sues Car Dealership For Gimmick Infringement

    Posted on February 28th, 2011 admin 9 comments

    The following is a new article from The Hollywood Reporter:

    Hulk Hogan Sues Car Dealership for Stealing His Catchphrases

    Hulk Hogan can always be counted on to deliver an entertaining lawsuit. Last year, the professional wrestler and reality television star strong-armed Post Foods after the cereal giant came out with a commercial that featured a character known as “Hulk Boulder” with long blond hair and a blond Fu Manchu mustache suffering humiliating defeat to Bam-Bam of Flintstones fame. Now, Hogan has picked his latest target — a company that owns car dealerships in the St. Louis area.

    Hogan is suing Southland Imports and Suntrup Automotive Group over a commercial that warns unwary car buyers of getting “body slammed” over bad deals and that invites customers “tired of wrestling for a good deal.” The lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Florida District Court alleges that the defendant violated Hogan’s likeness and implied an endorsement by imitating his voice and using his catch phrases.

    And what catch phrases does Hogan claim in the lawsuit to have popularized?

    The heavy use of “brother” to refer to one’s acquaintances

    Pointing to one’s own muscles and referring to them as “guns” (Watch out, Ron Burgundy)

    Reference to fans as “Hulkamaniacs”

    Put together, the Hulkster sees a publicity rights infringer in his midst.

    Hogan tells about his long list of accomplishments, which include six-time WWF/E champion, the part of “Thunderlips” in Rocky III, a cameo appearance on Walker: Texas Ranger, a VH1 reality show, host of American Gladiators, a cover of a Gary Glitter song, commercials with Troy Aikman, and the single biggest 900 phone number from 1991 to 1993. Yes, he’s that famous.

    Hogan is seeking to body slam the commercial and derive unspecified damages from the defendant. He was successful in gaining a settlement last year in the case of “Hulk Boulder.”


    They should be SMACKED for trying to be associated with Hulk Hogan to begin, at least that is what we think!

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