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  • Jasmine St. Claire Interview

    Jasmin St. Claire Interview

    What one word would best describe yourself and why?

    WORKAHOLIC. Because I always stay busy.

    Is there any chance that 3PW will exchange talent with wrestling promotions in Japan in the near future?

    Anything is possible.

    What indy talent have you not yet had work in 3PW that you would like to work there in the future?

    I am not really sure who is out there,but I always accept tapes & bios. I am also a bit sketchy about the indy talent out there as some of them have no respect for women. So, if that is the way they feel, then 3PW is not the place for them to work.

    What are your short and long term plans for 3PW?

    I don’t really like exposing my business. It is a good way to get jinxed.

    What sets 3PW apart from other indy promotions?

    We have everything under one roof for everyone: technical wrestling,hardcore,old school & hot babes. So, there is something for everyone. Just check out our dvd”Blood,Brawls & Broads”.

    What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into the wrestling industry?

    I don’t give advice,or help others unless there is something in it for me. I am sick of giving advice & helping others professionally since I was backstabbed before.

    If you knew what you know now when you started in the wrestling industry what if anything would you do different?

    Jasmin:I would never have trusted certain people’s advice.

    What first attracted you to the Blue Meanie?

    He was different & not arrogant like some wrestlers.

    Being in the wrestling industry is very difficult job security is almost non existant, there is a great deal of traveling, and wrestling with injuries which can cause a great deal of stress. What is the secret to the Blue Meanie and yourself staying together for so long through all of these various difficulties?

    Well, the travelling part is 2nd nature and as for the rest, we are best of friends before anything else, and we hate drama. So, we just take things as they come.

    What is the most romantic thing that the Blue Meanie has done for you?

    Take me to see Jackass:The movie. I love those guys!!


    Vince McMahon


    Paul Heyman

    very creative mind for the business.


    Very talented & an absolute delight to work with.

    Terry Funk

    extremely professional, great in the ring & very delightful.

    Todd Gordon

    very intelligent.

    Blue Meanie

    very motivated & humble. I wish the WWE gave him the chance he deserved,especially when they told him to lose all that weight.

    The above picture is used with the permission of Jasmin St.Claire. LEGENDS OF THE RING would like to thank Jasmin for taking time out of her very busy schedule to do the interview. We wish her and the rest of 3PW continued success.

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