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  • Jeff Hardy Speaks On Matt Hardy/WWE Situation, TNA

    Posted on October 17th, 2010 admin 12 comments

    The following is an excerpt from a recent UK Sun article with Jeff Hardy:

    His brother Matt has been running a one-man soap opera online in an apparent effort to follow Jeff out of WWE. Jeff is less than impressed with the way his brother has been treated.

    “I’m not going to give WWE their props for the way they’ve dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he’s been given the run-around. They’ve treated him like sh*t.

    “I think if he came here, you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now.”

    Check out the complete article online at The UK Sun Website.

    EDITORS NOTE:  I am sure that Vince McMahon is shaking in his boots.

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