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  • Jericho Talks WWE Return Rumors, 2-21-11 Videos, More

    Posted on February 9th, 2011 admin 15 comments

    Chris Jericho


    At what point that he decided he was going to pen the follow-up to “A Lion’s Tale” (in the form of “Undisputed”): “It’s quite obvious when you read ‘A Lion’s Tale’ that there would be a sequel. I ended off on a ‘cliffhanger’ if you were watching a movie. I had no guarantees that there would be a second book, but I wanted to write it, and I actually got the deal for the second book just as the first book was released.”

    His response to the rumors that his return to the WWE is imminent after his recent comments to, his reaction to those that may believe that he’s the mastermind behind WWE’s 2.21.11 videos, and why he will not spoil the surprise if/when he does return to the WWE: “What I said was misquoted. It’s not like I’m 90 percent ready to return to the WWE, or that it’s 90 perent done. There’s a contract that’s on the table and that has been on the table since September.

    “It’s not done because it’s not signed, but because there’s other things going on. I could be returning tomorrow, I could be returning two or three years from now. I don’t know. People are asking when I’m coming back, and like anything else, if I was coming back and if I was the 2.21.11 guy, I wouldn’t tell anybody. All these things that are talked about have been talked about and are in the works, but as far as when they are going to happen, only I know, and I won’t say it until it happens, because it ruins the surprise.”

    Why, despite the possibilities of a WWE return, he feels that he has no “unfinished business” left in the world of professional wrestling and sports-entertainment: “I have no unfinished business. That’s the difference between Jericho 2011 and Jericho 2005. When I left in 2005, I was kind of disenchanted with the wrestling business and wasn’t digging what was going on in, and had to find myself, and explore certain opportunities. I did that. This time, my contract expired, and I had a lot of other stuff in the works that I wanted to do, but I still love wrestling. I definitely left at the top of my game, and I think the last three years of my career was the best three years of my career.”

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