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  • Jim Ross Blog: Best Wrestler Ever, Dream Match, Jericho

    Posted on February 20th, 2011 admin 19 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    JR on Chris Jericho: “Chris was very close to being shown the exit during his initial WWE tenure which would not have bode well for yours truly who pushed harder than anyone to sign the then underutilized WCW talent. Jerry Brisco and I met with Chris on a ‘recruiting trip’ in the Tampa area at a place called the Bombay Bicycle Club for lunch and that meeting helped move our negotiations along. Jericho was a great ‘get’ for WWE and made my department look good with the inking of his contract.”

    JR on the best wrestler debate: “No one with above average intelligence can blow holes in Chris Jericho’s opinion that Shawn Michaels isn’t the greatest pro wrestler ever. One reason is that it’s a very bright man’s honest opinion. I’ve long said that HBK and Ric Flair were the two all time best that I ever saw in person while in their prime. I base this statement on career longevity at the main event level and the ability to have a great bout with fan favorites or villains of all shapes and sizes. Since I got in the biz in 1974, I’ve been blessed to have seen some amazing in ring marvels but none better than ‘Naitch’ and the ‘Heartbreak Kid.'”

    JR on the ultimate dream match: “Seems like I get daily questions as to what my ultimate Dream Match would be featuring a star from the past vs. a current superstar and my answer changes with my mood. If I’m in the mood to see a blood bath-like brawl, I might select Abdullah the Butcher vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. If I want a pure wrestling match I might go with WWE HOF’er Jack Brisco vs. Kurt Angle. If I was looking for a Wrestlemania main event, I might day dream about Austin vs. Cena. Tomorrow I might have a completely different set of ideas. (In UFC I would love to see a MMA trained Dan Hodge vs. Anderson Silva.)”

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