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  • Jim Ross Blog: Update on Steamboat, Lesnar/Heyman, Austin

    Posted on July 2nd, 2010 admin 6 comments

    The following are highlights from the latest online blog of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

    Jim Ross on Ricky Steamboat’s condition: “No new news on the health status of Ricky Steamboat as of Friday midday. He’s still hospitalized and, as I understand it, is in stable condition and in good, medical hands. A prayer never hurts in this situation. I seriously doubt that any thing wrestling related had any thing to do with Rick’s aneurysm. The Dragon actually wrestled without incident in a tag match down in Florida recently and is one of the veterans who takes pride in staying in shape with regular workouts.”

    Jim Ross on Austin/Rock at UFC 116: “We’re having dinner with Steve Austin Friday night. He’s as excited about this fight as am I. I hear that Dwayne Johnson is going to be in town for the fight and it would be nice to say hello if the opportunity arises.”

    Jim Ross on Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar: “Likely to see Paul Heyman in Vegas albeit likely not for a long visit. He text me LATE Thursday night and said all was well in the Lesnar camp. Everyone affiliated with Brock knows that this fight will indeed be a test of will and to win one of the two bulls must not make any major mistakes. Whoever can avoid the others nasty right hand will likely win. Lesnar is still the betting favorite but it seems that more money has been going to Carwin’s side in the last 48 hours.”

    Check out the full blog online at

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