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  • Jim Ross On TNA Live Event Problems, Styles/WWE, Swagger

    Posted on September 9th, 2010 admin No comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    The following are some highlights from new Q&A posted on, the official website of WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    On WWE’s PG rating negatively effecting the product: “I won’t legislate your personal tastes nor disagree or agree with them. While I don’t personally agree on these topics, I have no issues with you stating your opinion.”

    On Joey Styles’ live chat on and him possibly leaving WWE soon: “I don’t know the agenda or if there even is one but I read the transcript and enjoyed Joey’s humor.”

    On whether or not he brought Jack Swagger to WWE and his past work as VP Of Talent Relations: “I merely interviewed Swagger and then arranged for a tryout for him with WWE. WWE liked him and signed him. I don’t recall who I first signed as that would have been around 15 years ago. I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. :)”

    On TNA not promoting their live events enough and how WWE has promotion down to a science: “People inside TNA often lament about their lack of live event promotion. They are coming to OKC I’m told later this month and I have yet to hear or see one commercial. WWE has marketing down to a science and is seemingly striving to improve upon what they do. It’s all about infrastructure, processes in place, and most importantly the people executing the plan.”

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