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  • Jim Ross To Induct His Boyhood Idol Into Hall of Heroes

    Posted on July 12th, 2010 admin 2 comments

    Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post Courier recently interviewed Jim Ross. The following in an excerpt from the interview. The article notes that Jim Ross will be inducting Danny Hodge into The Hall of Heroes NWA Legends Wrestling Fanfest in North Carolina on August 5th-8th. Jim Ross said during the interview, “My schedule over the years, when I was an administrator and then worked as an on-air talent along with booking live-event cards, was literally a seven-day rotation.”

    “You just never got off the treadmill. Outside the WWE umbrella, I’ve probably only done a handful [of convention appearances], and all of those were with Lawler. That’s pretty much it.”

    “That element (inducting Hodge) really put it over the top for me,” says Ross. “Danny Hodge is just an amazingly gifted athlete. I truly believe that he is the greatest wrestler alive.” 

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