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  • Jimmy Garvin Interview

    Jimmy Garvin Interview

    jimmy garvinTells about your career in World Class Championship Wrestling?
    It was one of the highlights of my career. Due to the fact there was so much good talent all at one time. The Von Erichs were being groomed. The Freebirds were doing there thing. Chris Adams was fighting for the push of winning a title. Just the whole theme was perfect. All the stars were lined up in the right place. We were all in our prime. We like to wrestle stiff. And the Von Erichs liked to wrestle stiff. Half the time we had to shoot, especially if we were against Kevin. It was a great time in my life. It was great time and experience. I felt bad we didn’t go to Boston a regular basis.

    What was it like wrestling for The Von Erich Family and with the workers there?
    It was great. The Von Erichs were great guys. We grew close with them. I have nothing but good feelings toward the whole family. We were all pulling in the same direction at the same time. The whole territory all pulled together on instinct. From the first match to the referee’s to everyone. And there has never been a territory like that. It was like a comet, it only comes by once a lifetime.

    Did you enjoy your feuds with Kevin Sullivan’s Varsity Club and The Four Horsemen back in the NWA days? Was your wife/manager Precious happy about doing the angles in wrestling?
    Kevin was great to work with. The angle with “Tower of Doom was Kevin’s idea. Dusty was booking at the time and had so many people involved to water it down. I have don’t have respect for Dusty so I won’t say anything about him. The Four Horsemen, I didn’t care for him much. I don’t know if you heard the story, but Flair tried to get me fired 3 times. A hurricane destroyed my house. And I missed three shows. Flair sent word to Michael to tell me I was fired because I couldn’t make the bookings.
    Kevin (Sullivan) was great to work with. The Horsemen I could care less about. Patti (Precious) was a pro and did a great job. Sunshine was my valet in Texas. She started drinking more Jack Daniels than Buddy Roberts. Sunshine was my cousin and not used to the lifestyle. It was hard for her. That’s why Patti (Precious) took the job. She didn’t want to. She did it because she loved me and for the angle because the angle was on fire. She did it for me and did a hell of a job. Vince wanted me to go to New York and Crockett wanted me in NWA, but I went to Verne. Because AWA was kick-Ass. Too bad it got screwed by Vince. But when I finally went to Crockett. I ran into Tully (Blanchard) & Arn (Anderson). They said “There is the guy who wouldn’t work for us after Texas”. There was “heat” because people would go “goo-goo” over Flair. I didn’t give a shit, I wasn’t impressed. Him and I didn’t get along.

    What’s the best thing about being a Freebird?
    Everything! Just everything. Running with Michael, we didn’t care we did our own thing. He was so talented and we had fun, we partied everywhere we went. We were like two kids in a candy shop. We could have everything we wanted and didn’t have to pay.

    Did you ever get an offer from One the WWE?
    I only said ten words to Vince and we didn’t like each other. Vince asked me in 1992 to tryout. I’ve been in the business so long I didn’t have to tryout. I was always a rebel, an outlaw. It was a stage in my life and it wasn’t my life. I went to the WWE one time to visit and see friends. He never called me back. That’s because I looked at him and he looked at me and he knew we wouldn’t get along. They asked me to change my name. What about Doc Hendrix? Who the hell was that. That was bullshit! I never had to kiss ass too much. We all have to kiss ass within reason. Tell me to change my name “Go fuck yourself”! All the NWA went up North and worked for Vince: Dusty wore polka-dot trunks. Ronnie with a 2X4, & Michael Hayes become Doc Hendrix. I wasn’t gonna change my name!
    Tell us about the “heat” in the 1980’s,that was so dangerous that fans would attack you and Precious?
    I can recall a little. In Lerado, Texas, there was always a lot of commotion. I turned around and there was eight Mexicans taking Patti out of the arena! I got out of the ring, the wrestlers came out and we all fought to save her. Another time was in Kansas at the Keil. Main Event..Sold vs. Adams. I heard this noise. The sound of a punch. I looked I couldn’t see her. I went to each side and finally saw her. This big truck driver woman jumped the rail and attacked her. There fighting. The police got involved. It wasn’t uncommon to get attacked. They didn’t like us in St. Louis, Kansas and in Japan. And she got hit with a zippo lighter, giving her stitches. I got stabbed in the back, twice in Australia. Riots were common, because people loved there wrestling. I wrestled Danny Hodge in Oklahoma in his hometown and it was a riot. The fans started to riot and it was terrible they started throwing chairs and I was outside the ring fighting, I seen this guy running at me and I had him measured, he does a baseball slide underneath the ring, he grabs both my ankles and holds them together. Fists and chairs are flying. I have a chair up as a shield. About that time, the guy peaked out from the ring and I thumbed him in the eye and felt in his brains! He screwed and police calmed things down.

    Where is Sunshine now?
    Married and has a daughter in Tampa

    Before Precious, and even before Sunshine, you had another valet, also named Precious. Where is she now?
    I have no idea.

    Tells us your thoughts in 1992,when you and Michael Hayes went on to win the WCW Tag Team and Six-Man Tag Team titles and have Oliver Humperdink, Dallas Page, Badstreet and Diamond Dolls in your stable?
    That was a fun time. I remember wrestling The Steiners, Gordy & Williams. The Steiners would kick the shit out of you and we would do the same back them. The Whole thing was just a great scenario.

    LEGENDS OF THE RING would like to thank Jimmy Garvin for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us and wish him the best!

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