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  • JR Blog: 2011 Hall of Fame, Evaluating Rookies at FCW

    Posted on January 13th, 2011 admin 16 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    Jim Ross has added a new blog on Here are some of the highlights:

    – Good to visit w/ Arn Anderson Wednesday in Tampa @ FCW. I hope the trainees learned some useful info as both Double A and I enjoy interacting w/ the rookies. Thursday night FCW will tape three, one hour TV shows.

    The rookies are evaluated daily which is why it’s imperative that they come to work each day and give 100% of themselves mentally and physically. I’ve encouraged them all to read plenty of wrestling books and self help/financial books. Financial planning is so important for individuals who potentially have shorter ‘shelf lives’ than those in other vocations.

    – Yes, my wife and I plan on being in Atlanta for WM27 but I have no plans at this time in doing any broadcasting. However, I wouldn’t miss HBK being inducted in the WWE HOF for any thing. Plus, it will be fun to attend an event in the Georgia Dome where I used to broadcast Atlanta Falcons football.

    – I’m not in the SD vs Raw video game but am in the upcoming WWE All Star video game that will be released the Tuesday of WM27 week. I hope everyone buys it as ‘baby needs new shoes.’ It was a blast to do. Old school mixed w/ new school.

    – I have no idea who will induct HBK into the WWE HOF. HHH would do a great job IMO. So would Ric Flair among many other notable individuals. It’s Shawn’s call as it should be.

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