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  • JR Blog: Batista In The Rumble?, Macho Man/HOF, More

    Posted on January 21st, 2011 admin 9 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    JR on Batista in the Royal Rumble: “An emailer to this site asked me if I thought Batista would be back for the Royal Rumble and my guess is no. Dave has been filming a movie out of the country plus preparing to launch a long awaited, much anticipated MMA career with Strikeforce sometime in 2011 as I understand it. With that said, would it be a shocker to see Batista be of the 40 men in the Rumble match….perhaps….a mild one. Any thing’s possible these days and the biz is short on star power.”

    JR on Jerry Lawler: “An emailer hoped that Jerry Lawler would win the Royal Rumble match and I’m not aware that King is going to even be in the Rumble. One thing that I can say is that Jerry is as popular as virtually any wrestler in WWE right now due to recent events which speaks to two points. One, Jerry is extremely talented and, two, it speaks to the issue of the lack of main event depth currently in the wrestling biz in general.”

    JR on Randy Savage in the WWE Hall Of Fame: “A Twitter follower @JRsBBQ asked the obligatory Randy Savage questions that we get inundated with at this time of the year. There’s a video of Macho Man on line with him talking about the WWE’s Wrestling All Stars video game which is due to be released on March 29 but Savage going into the WWE HOF this year would surprise me. HBK is this year’s headliner and even though Savage had a distinguished, HOF level career he would also be a headliner and not a supporting role player IMO. Look at it any way you choose but each year there is only one headliner at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.”

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