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  • JR Blog: WWE Ratings Slump, Short Title Reigns, More

    Posted on October 2nd, 2010 admin 12 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights:

    “There are two primary reasons for this matter, in my opinion. Monday Night Football provides immense competition on cable TV on Monday nights. ESPN/ABC has a huge investment in the NFL and they spend countless hours promoting each Monday Night Football contest. MNF on TV is a right of passage in America…”

    “Secondly, and this is the old promoter coming out in me, if the attractions are spot on and personal issues are hot enough to create ‘water cooler talk’ then more viewers are likely to tune into Raw. After doing approximately 600 episodes of Monday Night Raw, we knew we always had to battle MNF and even Nitro back in the day. We always strived to create compelling TV and to earn our share of the marketplace.”

    “We were fortunate that we had a deep roster of talented, experienced athletes who, in one form or another, clicked with the audience. WWE has some very talented individuals performing on Raw and some are involved in thought provoking storylines. But the biz in general needs new stars to become established ‘box office’ sensations and that simply doesn’t happen over night and honestly for some performers it will never happen.”

    “Why do I dislike short title reigns so much in the unpredictable world of pro wrestling? That and ‘stripping’ someone of a title is a turn off to this fan.”

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