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  • JR’s Ross Report: Cena’s SSlam DDT, Bryan’s Return, More

    Posted on August 22nd, 2010 admin 4 comments

    Jim Ross

    Jim Ross has posted a brand new Ross Report over at Below are some highlights:

    On his Nexus win prediction at SummerSlam: “Obviously I was [wrong] and I’m still trying to figure out how John Cena takes a DDT to the concrete floor and still is able to recover well enough to beat two men. Cena should have had a bigger headache than Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harven who has debilitated with migraine headaches.”

    On Daniel Bryan’s WWE return: “Are 14 year old, young ladies and other assorted, strange people ecstatic to see Justin Beiber? Absolutely. [Daniel] Bryan is not only a veteran of many years in the ring, starting as a teen, and international competition featuring many styles but he’s also a student of MMA which will help Bryan overcome what some uneducated types perceive to be a lack of size.”

    On rising WWE stars: “A good case can be made for Miz, the reigning United States Champion. I can easily see Miz in the main event mix at WM27 in Atlanta next year.”

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