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  • Kevin Nash Twitter Rant: Blasts RVD/Hardy, Talks TNA Status

    Posted on September 10th, 2010 admin 1 comment

    Kevin Nash

    TNA star Kevin Nash posted the following Tweets last night:

    “Looks like it’s me and Mr. Red Wine again.”

    “and to the person that said every September I go to work for my self ,fuck you you didn’t even see it.mid card bullshit neverbeens fuck you.”

    “you can say what you want about me I don’t give a FUCK ,but to ever question my integrity we no longer have a business relationship.”

    “RVD said Jeff hardy and him are rock stars ,in my prime I was selling out 30’000 plus seat domes they can’t draw 1000 on the road. WTF”

    “I’m a fucking man not some green horn boy .you don’t like what I do fine .Pay me the dates you owe me .let my accounts look at the books.”

    “to the haters glad I was able to be there to dump on me to make u feel better about your FUCKED up lifes.”

    “I will work out my TNA contract anbd see what life brings me ,to my fans I love you and words can never explain what you mean to me.”

    You can check out all of the tweets at 

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