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  • Latest News On Sting Coming To The WWE

    Posted on February 6th, 2011 admin 10 comments

    Wrestlezone is reporting that they had a talk with a friend of Steve “Sting” Borden yesterday about the Sting/WWE rumors and they said that they’re still not convinced he has signed with WWE or that he will at all.  “I don’t think Steve will work two days a week, much less three or four,” the souce  reportedly stated, “his knees just won’t hold up”.  WWE’s schedule demands a lot and unless WWE plans on making major exceptions for Sting, we were told that he probably wouldn’t commit.

    Another topic of conversation was the PG rating and the fact that their programming was a problem for Steve in the past.  It’s no secret that Borden is a loyal Christian and plays a part in his decision-making.  “Where WWE used to take the cake in this department, I would have to say that TNA is now the more raunchy of the two (products),” Sting’s friend told us, “so there’s always that fact that makes it possible Steve could accept a WWE offer.  Again, as long as they work out a very limited schedule for him”.

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