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  • Linda McMahon Comments on Lance Cade’s Death

    Posted on September 9th, 2010 admin No comments

    Linda McMahon

    The Connecticut Mirror has posted a new article taking a look at the senate campaign of Linda McMahon and her opponents. On the subject of Lance Cade and her previous remarks towards his death, where McMahon claimed she “may have met him once,” Linda responded by saying, “I think that any father or parent that’s lost a child, clearly, has pain relative to that. I understand that. So I understand the pain that he’s feeling. I do believe there is more that can be known relative to Lance. I’m letting WWE deal with those issues…I’m not really questioned and pushed very much on the negative aspects of, you know, a scripted soap opera. It’s the difference between being something that’s entertaining and scripted versus real life issues.”

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