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  • Major Details On New Promotion Opening This Fall

    Posted on July 20th, 2010 admin 2 comments

    Wrestlezone is reporting that that there is a new major wrestling promotion that will be opening up very soon.  

    A promotion headed by Milton Wilpon, a senior member of the Wilpon Family (several of whose members are the majority owners of the New York Mets) is said to be opening offices in September, 2010.

    Wilpon, the Fort Lee, New Jersey based investor who has bought into many huge businesses through Sterling Equities (which is reportedly not involved in the wrestling project) has made sure most business has been conducted after people are asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    The roster is said to include Sean Waltman, Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Larry Zbyszko, and Vader. Yes, Vader.

    The reason for Vader is because Jim Ross recently blogged how Vader’s son should be considered a major find for the future, so Vader was approached about signing alongside his son. No word on if Vader’s son signed yet.

    The promotion has intentionally put out false information as to where their first television tapings will take place in order to keep people from knowing their business plans.

    The promotion has told several people they would like to launch with a reality show on aging wrestlers, and then morph into a full fledged pro wrestling league.

    The promotion is planning on trying to sign Bryan Danielson and several non-contracted Ring of Honor stars. No word on if they have been officially approached yet.

    The promotion is thought to have regional television based on Wilpon’s connections, but that is unconfirmed.

    Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the promotion is to be headed up by Sean Davis, an independent wrestler based in Florida, who had a connection with the group that approached Wilpon. Meltzer also reported Paul Heyman has been approached, but there is no chance for the group to get him without significant funding or a major television deal, as even TNA has been attempting to land the former ECW owner and Smackdown Head Writer, and Heyman has yet to sign or agree to return to pro wrestling.

    While there are several other reports floating around, several of them appear to be intentionally-placed misinformation by people within the promotion. No word on an official launch date. We will continue to monitor this breaking story as it develops.

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