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  • Matt Hardy Updates His WWE Future

    Posted on September 15th, 2010 admin No comments

    WWE Smackdown star Matt Hardy has posted the following Tweets on his Twitter account:

    “Here’s a quick hello to all my people & a reassurance to everyone that I’m fine, healthy, & in good spirits. Thx for all of your support.”

    “When the time is right, I’ll put everything out there as far as what “really” went down. I know I have to protect me & my brand, & I will.”

    “I appreciate my fans so much that I’ll always be honest with them, & the whole story certainly isn’t out there now.”

    “I appreciate all of the things the WWE has done 4 me in the past, they have been gracious to me-but now, it’s decision time for me. Thx all.”

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