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  • Matt Hardy’s Alter Ego to TNA, More on the New “They” Angle

    Posted on January 20th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Source: The Wrestling Observer

    It’s being reported that current creative plans call for Matt Hardy’s alter-ego “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy to be brought into TNA in the near future. Several months ago, Hardy introduced the “Cold Blood” alter-ego on Twitter, and it’s being said that he is likely to be performing the character of “Cold Blood” Matt Hardy in TNA in the near future.

    As far as the new “They” story line is concerned, it is expected that “They” will be revealed as the returning Main Event Mafia in TNA, which will likely consist of Kurt Angle, Sting and a former member of the group who appeared at this past week’s Impact tapings. We won’t mention his name here for those who don’t want to be spoiled. There are reports that Booker T and Kevin Nash might be brought in to join the group, but neither of those rumors have been confirmed. The angle is set to begin on February 3rd.
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