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  • Missy Hyatt Gives Explanation for Arrest, “Grand Theft” Charges

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 Mike Killam No comments
    missy hyattRecently it was reported that Missy Hyatt had been arrested in March on charges of grand theft in Tallahassee, FL.Hyatt spoke with Mike Johnson of to explain her side of the situation. Apparently, another woman left a civil war reenactment uniform in her rental car, which was lost when she returned it to the dealership without knowing the uniform was inside. The woman then went to local police, claiming the item was worth $10,000 which led to Hyatt being charged for grand theft (any property over $300 in the state of Florida).

    When she heard about the charges, Missy went to the police and turned herself in, and was released a few hours later. She noted that the other woman had no receipt for the purchase of the uniform, no proof that it was ever in her car, and that she expects the case to get laughed out of court or at the very least dropped to a civil matter.

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