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  • New Aloisia Rant: Erotic Pics Controversy

    Posted on September 10th, 2010 admin No comments

    I have no idea whether or not this is a work but if not she may just want to shut her mouth.  The following is yet another blog from the official website WWE Diva Aloisia, who was recently cut from season three of WWE NXT, and has been in the news over some controversial photos from her past.

    Aloisia wrote:

    To say that this has been a rough week would be a huge understatement. First, my “no-talent” NXT Pro Vickie Guerrero fires me from NXT because she can’t deal with the fact that I’m twice her size and not the least bit intimidated by her. I mean, did you see how she humiliated Kaitlyn on national TV last night? This is nothing against Kaitlyn…I think she’s adorable, but EXCUSE ME…if Vickie had pulled that stunt with me, she would have found herself flat on her back, under my boot. Kaitlyn, you deserve better than some washed up middle-aged “Pro” who’s been resting on her laurels for about the past 20 years or so.

    Next, I find out that maybe the “real” reason I was fired was because of some ridiculous lingerie photo shoot I did when I was 18. Um, EXCUSE ME, but if what I did was so unforgivable then can someone please explain why my “favorite” person, VG, has a (censored) nude photo shoot posted on the website?

    As if that weren’t enough, new rumors subsequently popped up on various blogs that I was fired because I was “too green” for TV or didn’t have enough experience in the ring. I can’t wait to find out what the next rumor will be. I feel like I’m watching myself on the Truman Show, LOL!

    Anyway, I’m not here to complain. I’m actually here to thank all my fans and supporters for having my back this past week. I want all of you to know that unlike Vickie Guerrero, I’m not sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching Days of Our Lives. In fact, I’ve hired a new personal trainer and I have my first session tomorrow. I may be off NXT, but I intend to use this time to get even bigger and stronger and sculpt my 6’9″ body into a veritable work of art. I’ll be sure to post video of my training session, you can all see how hard I’m working for you, my loyal fans.

    Mark my words…I WILL be back and when I return, Vickie Guerrero, you better pack your bags and run for the hills. And Beth Phoenix, honey…I’ve got you in my sights as well. Every time you look in your rear view mirror, that’s me you see coming up behind you. And yes, I stole that line from Mad Men 🙂


    Check out Aloisia’s official website at

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