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  • New Bryan Danielson Blog: His Hectic Schedule, Talent, More

    Posted on July 9th, 2010 admin No comments

    Former WWE star Bryan Danielson has posted a new blog over at

    Below is an excerpt from the blog, and if you visit the above link you can read more including Danielson discussing his new T-shirts, a favorite opponent of his and more.

    “Last weekend my schedule went something like this: Depart Las Vegas at 7 am on my way to Atlanta, where I met up with TJ Perkins. Then Atlanta to Dusseldorf, arriving at 8 am German time. Drive an hour to our holding tank where I sleep from 10 am to 12 pm. Then drive from holding tank to the building, arriving sometime around 2:30 pm. Show starts around 5:30ish, so I take a nap. Wake up just in time for my first match, which is the opener. Then wrestle again in the semi-main. Then approximately 3 minutes to the hotel to shower. Then off to find food. No luck finding vegan food, so back to the hotel to eat almonds. Then back out to meet the boys at a “Beach Party.” No water, but plenty of sand. We DANCE, German style, until 3 am, then carry the drunkards back to the hotel. Then sleep. Wake up around 9 am. Try to sleep more but no luck. Leave at 12 for the arena, which is 3 minutes away. Wrestle 3 times. Shower. Drive to hotel, arriving at 7 pm. Eat. Sleep. Wake up at 1 am. Read. Leave for airport at 6:45 am. Depart Dusseldorf around 9. Arrive Atlanta, run into Chavo Guerrero. Fly back to Las Vegas, arriving at 5:45 pm. Sleep.” 

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