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  • New TNA Today 07/06/2010

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    TNA Today, Tuesday, July 6

    Tuesday’s edition of TNA Today starts off with JB reading 4th of July Tweets form Dixie, Samoa Joe, Max Buck, and Abyss.  Some of them give you a quick look into their personal lives on the 4th of July (particularly Samoa Joe)

    JB then shows the third and final portion of his one on one interview with Mr. Anderson.  Anderson talks about setting goals and winning championships.  He also continues to mess with JB; comes off very funny. 

    Finally, they show footage from TNA’s huge live event this past weekend in Brooklyn, NY at MCU Park.  The show drew over 5,600.  It has a very cool look and feel being on baseball field.  The footage shown is of Angelina Love and Madison Rayne. 

    Quick side note – there are a lot of great pictures from this weekend’s huge event in Brooklyn on  Very cool stuff.  Some to look for are Jeff Hardy and Abyss fighting up and down the first base line  (never seen that before). 

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