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  • No Daniel Bryan Mention On WWE SmackDown, Hulk Hogan Lied For ‘Mania Match?, Rock Reviews His Movie

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 No author. No comments
    AlCapone300X250– reader @TKlatt noted that there was no mention of Daniel Bryan at last night’s WWE SmackDown taping. Bryan’s Intercontinental title defense against Barrett this Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules remains listed on, however Michael Cole and JBL did mention on RAW this past Monday that the match would only happen if Bryan is healthy enough to compete. As noted earlier, PWInsider reported yesterday that Bryan is expected to be out of action for approximately four weeks.

    Full WWE SmackDown results for this week are here.

    WWE ran a story yesterday confirming or debunking 8 urban legends, which I believe is an updated version of a story they had published before. Some of the rumors mentioned were if the Rockers were fired in 1988 (which is true), and if Bret Hart knew about the Montreal screwjob ahead of time (false). The famous WrestleMania IX rumor about Randy Savage being responsible for Hulk Hogan‘s black eye at the event was mentioned. It was noted that the black eye was actually the result of a jet ski accident that occurred days before the event. The article stated that Hogan allegedly told the doctor that the black eye wasn’t legitimate so that he could wrestle on the show.

    The Rock watched his upcoming film San Andreas in 3-D in a CineTransformer in Las Vegas and called the film “relentless” and “f–ing terrifying.” You can check out his review below. San Andreas hits theatres on May 29th.

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