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  • OVW Announces Training Camp With Jim Cornette

    Posted on July 22nd, 2010 admin 4 comments

    Ohio Valley Wrestling announces Tryout
    Camp/Training Seminar: September 4th & 5th
    with Jim Cornette and Danny Davis
    Press Release

    Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), located in Louisville, Kentucky is proud to announce a special
    two-day tryout camp and training seminar set for Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday
    September 4th & 5th, in Louisville. The purpose of the camp is to both find new, prospective
    talent for the OVW roster and training center, as well as to give outside talent the benefit of
    tutoring and critique from the two men who pioneered the WWE developmental program a
    decade ago, and who together have trained well over 100 current and former WWE and TNA
    stars, as well as current UFC Champion Brock Lesnar.
    “I’m looking forward to working with Danny Davis again”, Cornette said. “We made quite a
    team for many years, and now that wrestling politics are out of the way, we plan to do so again.”
    Cornette served as matchmaker of OVW from 1999 to 2005, having brought the WWE
    developmental program to Louisville to join with OVW owner Danny Davis, who founded the
    promotion in 1993. After Cornette and WWE severed ties with each other, OVW continued to
    operate the WWE’s training system until 2008, when they opened their own facility in Florida.
    After serving a three year stint with TNA, Cornette took the position of Executive Producer of
    Ring of Honor television last fall. Davis, after the WWE pullout, stepped back from day-to-day
    operations of OVW, but now with both men’s affection for the sport of wrestling replenished,
    they are preparing to revamp OVW’s product once again.

    “For myself”, Cornette said, “I never wanted to leave OVW, but the WWE affiliation became
    insufferable for me. For Danny, after 15 years of running his own company, he needed some
    time away. Now that he’s had a rest and I once again enjoy pro wrestling, the time is perfect for
    us to reunite, and restore OVW to the position it once held, not only as one of the few profitable
    fulltime wrestling promotions in the country, but as the finest training facility in the sport.”
    Both men feel the key to both goals is finding, training and developing new stars. The Labor
    Day weekend camp is open to all current independent pro wrestlers, as well as those who feel
    they have what it takes to become a pro. “For independent wrestlers who want to go to the next
    level”, Cornette explained, “OVW will be the place to be for them, combining live events in the
    area with weekly TV tapings and training classes on several different levels. For those who’ve
    wondered if they have what it takes to BE a pro wrestler, they can find out here. For current pros
    outside the Kentuckiana area who are unable to relocate, these two days will be an intensive
    learning experience as they will be observed and critiqued in a number of areas, including
    appearance, in-ring work, psychology, and on-camera interview skills. Whether it be augmenting
    the current OVW roster, offering spots in the OVW classes, or instruction on an individual basis,
    EVERYONE will benefit from this camp. And”, he continued, “I’m always looking for the next
    Ring of Honor superstar as well.”
    The Saturday and Sunday sessions will be held from 10AM to 6PM at OVW’s headquarters,
    training facility and TV studio, the Davis Arena, 4400 Shepherdsville Road in Louisville.
    Campers will spend all day with Cornette, Davis, and some of the past graduates of the OVW
    system who have gone on to the big leagues, including former OVW Champion and former
    WWE Tag Champion Mike Mondo, one of OVW’s assistant trainers. Their personal information
    and background will be taken, they will be video taped and given instruction in camera presence
    and promos, they will be involved in in-ring workouts and exhibition matches, and they will be
    evaluated in terms of conditioning, appearance, attitude and potential.
    “We’ll tell them what they’re doing right, or what they’re doing wrong, and suggest ways for
    them to up their game.” Cornette explained. “OVW, under the lead of both Danny and myself,
    has been without question and by a wide margin the most successful pro wrestling training
    program in the sport. But talent is what makes it all work. This is not one of those “paid
    auditions” some folks hold these days, where you hand them a check and get nothing in return.
    EVERYONE will learn something. And if our past OVW camps are any indication, we hope to
    find folks with the potential and ability to make it to the major leagues.”
    The registration fee is only $99 per person, and includes all camp activities as well as lunch at
    the Arena both days. Each attendee is responsible for his own transportation to and from the
    arena as well as any necessary lodging. To enroll, you must complete the application form, and
    submit it and your registration fee to OVW on or before Monday, August 23, 2010 to insure your
    If you feel you have the drive, determination and talent necessary to go to the next level and be a
    star in pro wrestling, THIS is your opportunity to prove it!!

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