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  • Report: TNA To Air Jeff Hardy’s Real Life Issues on TV?

    Posted on April 1st, 2011 admin 4 comments

    Randy Ricci of has posted the following blog: 

    “Below are things that I have heard through reliable sources. I can’t claim they are 100% “dead on balls” true but, I’m pretty sure there is more then a little truth to all of these items below.

    First item is and I’m not sure if this is online yet but, TNA plans on “terminating” Jeff Hardy. Not really though its kind of a “gimmick”. The plan is for Jeff to go into rehab (not sure if it will be on Vince’s dime or not yet) and then to bring him back as a recovering “baby face”.

    As someone in recovery, I can tell you there are soooo many facets to this that “TNA creative” is not considering.And its IMO SICK! To make a storyline out of this especially if Hardy is willing to try and “recover”.”

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