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  • Rick Ruben’s Early Influences Came from Pro Wrestling

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 admin No comments

    credit card knife bannerRick Rubin explained his early inspirations into the music game came from an unusual place.

    Usually when you say the name Rick Rubin, you think of the Zen-master in the studio. In his interview with Rolling Stone magazine he explained that early on that he was inspired by professional wrestling. He is amassive pro-wrestling fan, a lifelong obsessive who grew up idolizing “Superstar” Billy Graham and Ivan Putski and recently he was seen sitting ringside at WWE’s Wrestle-mania in San Diego.

    Rubin explained that the iconic group from Brooklyn was influenced by comedy and wrestling in their music.

    There’s no question that, early on, the Beastie Boys were very influenced by pro wrestling,” Rubin said. “One-hundred percent. The idea of being bad-guy rappers, saying really outlandish things in interviews, that all came from a love of pro wrestling. We didn’t say it because it was true – we said it because it was entertaining. To me, it was performance art; we were as inspired by pro wrestling and Monty Python as we were music. I remember showing them videotapes of old matches, because I was the fan, and we’d laugh about the stuff on there. And at that time, there was a wrestling hotline, and we’d call and listen to prerecorded messages from Roddy Piper and get inspired by the crazy things he’d say. Kerry King [from Slayer] was really into wrestling, too. Later, I worked with Andrew Dice Clay, and he was a perfect heel.

    Read the entire Rolling Stone magazine article: CLICK HERE

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