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  • Ron H20 Waterman Interview

    Ron Waterman Interview

    How did you get into professional wrestling?

    I was offered a developmental contract from JR after an oppointment at Titan Towers tow years ago. My UFC exposure helped get me the interview.

    What was your wife’s reaction when you told her that you wanted to get into professional wrestling?

    She has always been behind me and would never hold me back from going for a dream.

    Who has been the greatest influence in your life?

    esus Christ.

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    Back in the WWE as a headline talent.

    What wrestling promotions have you worked for?

    OVW, HWA, and WWE.

    How hard has the constant traveling that goes along with the wrestling business been on you and your family?

    It was very difficult when I was in OVW (Kentucky) for a year and a half. I only got home once every couple months. Once I started traveling with WWE, it was much easier, I was home 3-4 days a week.

    How much weight can you bench press?

    I’m right at 500lbs. I try not to go real heavy anymore, one torn muscle can sideline you for months. I train very hard but do higher reps now and superset almost everything.

    Who do you feel is the greatest wrestler of all time?

    That is very hard to answer. I have different wrestlers I like for different reasons. I have always liked Mick Foley because of his determination to do whatever it took to be the best. Rick Flair for his many years of backbreaking effort. Hogan for his charisma. And Rocky for his unreal tallent on the mic.

    What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into professional wrestling?

    Be patient and work hard for your goals. If you want it bad enouph it will happen. Get yourself in top condition, these days there is no excuse to be out of shape, you need the whole package and a little luck to make it. I feel it’s harder to bereak into this industry than any professional sport on TV today. One company and a whole lot of hungry dogs waiting for an opportunity.

    Wrestling Rumors and News would like to thank Ron Waterman for doing the interview and we wish him the very best. The above picture is used with the permission of Ron Waterman.

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