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  • Ross Report: Raw Memories, Hart Dynasty, Daniel Bryan

    Posted on October 20th, 2010 admin 16 comments

    Ross Report

    The following is an excerpt from the latest Ross Report by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    Raw emanating from Calgary reminds me of the electric atmosphere that we experienced in 1997 when WWE produced an In Your House, Calgary Stampede, PPV in the land of the Harts. A 10-man tag was the main event and I wonder, without cheating, how many fans can correctly name all 10 competitors? That live audience was one of the best that I have ever had the privilege of being around for any event.

    Curious as to how the subtitle/closed captioning person handled Hornswoggle on commentary Monday night when he joined the King and then became abusive to Michael Cole? Lot of grunting by ‘Horney’ and I’m just curious as to how those grunts were spelled.

    Nice to see Ezekiel Jackson re-emerge on the WWE scene including him being on the Raw, seven-man tag team. Big Zeke, or FortJackson if you will, has the opportunity to really make an impact Sunday in the Twin Cities. What if Jackson ends up slamming The World’s Largest Athlete and then winning the tag team feature in the land of ‘1,000 Lakes?’ It might not be the stunner along the lines of Jesse Ventura being elected Minnesota’s Governor, but it would be a shocker nonetheless.

    The WWE, hometown trend continued Monday night with the local team, The Hart Dynasty, losing and then taking another step closer to implosion. When is the last time on a live Raw that emanated from a Superstar’s hometown did that Superstar catch a break? Personally, I joined a very elite club one night in OKC thanks to the WWE’s beloved chairman, not to mention getting beat like a Government Mule in OKC one night by “Stone Cold.”

    Love the upside of Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, but many fans that Tweet us @JRsBBQ aren’t too high on these two young men’s ring names. For the record, I don’t work for the name department in WWE nor am I deputized as a member of the Name Police so I can’t help the disgruntled on this one. I’m much more interested in how these two, young athletes evolve rather than what their names are this week.

    Good to see the WWE Tag Team Champions, who don’t feel like a team but two, highly talented, loaded with potential individuals instead, reappear back on Raw. I thought the next time I was going to see the ‘coveted’ tag champs it might be on a milk carton. BTW who is the #1 contender for the WWE tag titles these days?

    Daniel Bryan, the United States Champion, thank you very much, needs to stick with wrestling and as it relates to the dancing just ‘let it go.’ I’m thinking that Daniel Bryan vs. Ziggler Sunday has the chance to be a really interesting and competitive contest.

    Fans need to face the facts that it is very possible that Wade Barrett wins the WWE Title this Sunday at WWE Bragging Rights. Barrett has Nexus and John Cena at his disposal not to mention that WWE Champion Randy Orton is damaged goods after Monday night’s beat down AND the fact that Orton will face World Champion Kane this Friday night on SmackDown on Syfy. Not a great week for Orton … I wonder who he angered in the front office?

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