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  • Shocking Shoot Video of Jeff & Matt Hardy Ripping CM Punk

    Posted on November 24th, 2010 admin 133 comments

    CM Punk News and Rumors

    A shocking video in which both current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt shoot on WWE’s CM Punk has become the rage of the Internet.

    The viral video, shot in a diner, was posted by Knives Monroe, who claims “This isn’t our video. It’s everyones. I found it and wanted to exploit it as fast as we could because this isn’t a great role model for kids.”

    In the controversial video, Jeff criticizes Punk’s Straight Edge lifestyle, and claims Punk uses Ambien, a prescription sleep medication, to go to sleep. I can’t comment on Jeff’s condition in the video, because I don’t know if it’s real or if he’s looking for attention by acting this way, but you can draw your own conclusions when watching.

    If the Hardys are acting, then Matt’s performance is stellar. As a person who has seen some wild behavior in his life, I’d be rather concerned for Matt if I was within his inner circle, but who knows how much of this is grasping for publicity, and how much of it is real?

    The media is just starting to get wind of the video. Sports blog The Bleacher Report has reported on the Hardys behavior HERE and noted entertainment website Popwrecked has posted the video, and reported on the Hardys wildness HERE.

    At this time, CM Punk has not responded to the Hardys, and neither WWE nor TNA have commented.

    Stay tuned!

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