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  • Shawn Michaels Comments on His Retirement Status

    Posted on August 2nd, 2010 admin 3 comments

    Shawn Michaels

    Shawn Michaels posted the following on his Twitter account concerning his retirement status: “I’m staying retired. Understand the skepticism, though.”

  • JR Blog: Vince Russo, Lesnar/Batista Comparison, HBK

    Posted on July 11th, 2010 admin 1 comment

    Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights:

    “Yes…Vince Russo played a significant role in the success of the Attitude Era of WWE back in the day but everything and I mean every thing that appeared on TV was vetted and approved by the Chairman of the Board. Everything.”

    “No…it isn’t fair to compare Dave Bautista to Brock Lesnar as it relates to Dave’s potential, MMA career. Not only is their age when they started the process much different, Lesnar was much younger, but Brock’s amateur wrestling background is non paralleled.”

    “The last text I received from HBK he said he was relaxing and enjoying being a Dad and a Husband and was having a great “family summer.” HBK continues to do a significant amount of church work as well. Shawn may be the first, big time wrestling superstar to ‘retire’ from pro wrestling since Jack Brisco to stay retired.”

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