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  • Jim Ross Interviews Major TNA Name Tonight, Blogs on Daniel Bryan’s Health, WWE Curb Stomp Ban, Kane’s Legacy & More

    Posted on April 22nd, 2015 Mike Killam No comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    Jim Ross

    Jim Ross will interview 2-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and 7-time tag team champion Bobby Roode on the new edition of The Ross Report that airs tonight at 9PM ET. You can listen to the show through iTunes and at

    JR also ran down the latest episode of Monday Night Raw on his blog.

    “Thought the irate and angry Kane persona was a plus. Not sure, other than Undertaker, that any WWE talent has ever had a more distinguished career than Glen Jacobs aka Kane. His character and integrity are beyond reproach and he should be what every talent in NXT strives to emulate. He is exactly the kind of person WWE needs to always utilize in a variety of ways as he is rock solid in every area and is an invaluable mentor to the young wrestlers.”

    “Hopeful that Daniel Bryan is going to be OK soon but he has to change some of the things that he does whether he wants to or not and not be a prisoner to his on reputation as being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He could eliminate many things from his repertoire and still be one of the best talents in the business. His health is much more important than diving head butts, drop kicks where he strikes the back of his head on the canvas, etc. His most important job in life isn’t being a wrestler but a son, husband and perhaps some day a father. Without great health, those lots in life are more challenging and they’re not easy for a healthy person.”

    “I don’t know if WWE has or has not banned the use of Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp finisher but many fans are seemingly up in arms about its absence. I say the safety of the athlete is always the first priority of any responsible company and if the move is more likely to concuss people than others then it needs to be eliminated. It’s that simple.”

    “It’s too bad that so many people within the business have bastardized the DDT, among other moves, or it would still be a great finisher instead of another overused, uncreative high spot that everyone kicks out of on a regular basis. Those type of issues where finishing maneuvers have become impotent ‘spots’ is the fault of undisciplined bookers within the world of wrestling and lazy talents who have not mastered the art of wrestling.”

    You can check out more of the latest Jim Ross blog at the link above.

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  • Jim Ross On His Attire For Extreme Rules, Steve Austin, More

    Posted on April 15th, 2011 admin 8 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    Jim Ross has updated the blog section on his website and the following are excerpts:

    On what he’ll wear to Extreme Rules for his match: “Hard to believe that some fans want to know what I’m wearing for our tag team ‘match’ at Extreme Rules. Haven’t given it much thought. My lack of grappling skill is going to make this a train wreck without fail. If I have to be in the ring with Swagger, perhaps I should wear a suit of amour but he would likely dent that just as he ripped my ankle that’s still sore after all these weeks. Hopefully Swagger sees the light and bails on Cole as the former Sooner has embarrassed himself enough with his relationship with the Syracuse grad. When one gets out of their element, as I will do in Tampa at Extreme Rules, it certainly creates an adrenaline rush notwithstanding some levels of self doubt as well.”

    On Steve Austin’s work on Tough Enough: “@steveaustinBSR has improved his body of work, skill set, and overall rep in Hollywood by starring on USA’s Tough Enough. Austin has dominated every scene that he’s appeared and is doing so by simply being himself.

    When young, aspiring wrestling announcers or broadcasters of any ilk want advice, the first thing I tell them is to simply “be yourself.’ If yourself isn’t good enough, so be it. Don’t be a phony as folks will see thru that immediately.

    What one sees with Austin is what it actually is.”

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  • Jim Ross Blogs on Edge’s WWE Retirement and Future

    Posted on April 14th, 2011 admin 53 comments

    Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below is an excerpt:

    “Edge’s retirement this past Monday on Raw was a shocking surprise. I had no idea that it was going to happen even up until the time Edge came to the ring and gave us the emotional news. There are no wrestlers in the business that I respect more as a performer and a man than I do Adam Copeland aka Edge. When I signed him in the 90?s, he was a lanky, over achieving kid who simply wanted to live his dream of making it onto the

    Jim Ross Blog

    WWE Roster. He and Christian were like brothers and both fed off the other in the ring as they each worked diligently every day to improve their game. I honestly can’t remember a single day when Adam Copeland ever did anything to disappoint me or cause our department or company any problems.

    Edge has a brilliant mind, a kind soul, patience, and would be a great teacher, producer, broadcaster, scout, or whatever task he may want to undertake in WWE. I look for Edge to take some much needed time away from the business and enjoy the North Carolina mountains and his dogs that he loves so much. He deserves no less than to return to WWE in whatever role that creates a win/win for Edge and the company but only whenever Edge is ready to re-engage.

    In my role as the head of WWE Talent, I signed many athletes/performers who ended up excelling in WWE but none, and I mean no one, was more of a pure joy to work with and to watch grow from a mid card, tag team wrestler into one of WWE’s most prominent and enduring superstars who will no doubt be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame some day.”

  • Jim Ross Speaks On Tag-Team Match At “Extreme Rules”

    Posted on April 12th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    The following is a new tweet from the official Twitter page of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

    “King could have done much better in picking a tag partner 4 Extreme Rules than me. Maybe I’ll get ‘waived’ or traded 4 someone w/ skills. :)”

    Follow more JR tweets on Twitter @ JRsBBQ.

  • Jim Ross Blog: “Wrestling Territories Are Dead”

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Jim Ross has updated the blog section of his official BBQ website by stating the following about wrestling territories:

    “No…wrestling territories are dead and will likely stay that way. The key to a territories success is getting local, strong TV clearances with a slick produced TV show that airs weekly. That isn’t going to happen. It’s not affordable nor does the majority of fans want to see largely unknown wrestlers. Most investors, who haven’t lost their sanity, would never invest in obtaining TV clearances and upgrading TV production values notwithstanding funding a wrestler payroll. Weekly territories are a thing of the past and will never be seen again to the level that they once were or even close. On the flip side, having viable, successful territories did more to develop main event level talents than any thing ever and nothing that can be created in today’s marketplace will ever supplant that concept. New talents can and will be developed but it will have to be in a much different way than back in the territory days where a different audience could be utilized to watch a gambit of wrestlers evolve and learn their craft. Being able to relocate to a variety of territories with differing creative philosophies and audiences/fans helped many wrestlers become stars. ”

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  • Jim Ross Tweets On Harley Race Charity Show Appearance

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 admin 4 comments

    The following is a new tweet from the official Twitter page of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

    “Made my booking 4 harley race in sand springs. Nice, little show. Plus, found a Whataburger! Couldn’t resist. Now back 2 Norman. Lifes good.”

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  • Jim Ross Speaks On His WWE Announcing Future, Cena/Rock

    Posted on April 9th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    The following are some new tweets from the official Twitter page of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

    “@meesh282 There are no plans at this time for me to go back to weekly announcing. Things could always change.”

    “@BaBYRoo22 @TheRock vs. @johncena one year from now gives all us fans something big to anticipate. It will be HUGE by April 1, 2012.”

    Follow more JR tweets on Twitter @ JRsBBQ.

  • JR Speaks On His WWE Status, Taker’s Condition After WM27

    Posted on April 8th, 2011 admin 2 comments

    Jim Ross

    The following are some new tweets from the official Twitter page of WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross: “@chestergabriel2 Taker’s pretty banged up. He abused his own body in retaining the Streak at WM27 in a hellatious bout vs. HHH. Old School!” “@AverageJoeArt Of course if WWE wanted me back full time I would glady return. Not likely to hapen. It’s a total WWE call & not mine.” Follow more JR tweets on Twitter @ JRsBBQ.

  • Jim Ross Speaks On Raw Tonight, Wrestling Death, Jones

    Posted on March 22nd, 2011 admin 7 comments

    Check This Deal Out!!!

    Jim Ross Blog

    The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    JR on new UFC champion Jon Jones: “How will Jon ‘Bones’ Jones handle his new found stardom? That’s a question that one cannot answer until the process begins in earnest. Jones can and should be a franchise talent for UFC and his popularity should rival, and perhaps exceed, any fighter to come along in UFC in years. Athletes handle success differently but if UFC makes sure that ‘Bones’ is surrounded by good, solid people who have only Jones’ best interests at heart than all should be well. It would be a shame to see Jones ‘self destruct’ for any reason especially with such a bright future.”

    JR on death of wrestling legend Sir Oliver Humperdink: “The passing of Sir Oliver Humperdink brought mixed emotions. Obviously, I was sad that Hump passed at the young age of 62. He was a long time friend who I first met when he was working for Bill Watts in the 70’s. John Sutton, Hump’s legal name, was a Minneapolis native who grew up a wrestling fan and migrated from being an usher at the AWA matches to managing some of the biggest names in the business… I am also thankful that Hump suffers no more from bladder cancer and that he’s enjoying being in heaven where he can catch up with other wrestling greats and enjoy what he loved more than any thing and that was chatting about the business.”

    JR on tonight’s Raw: “Big crowd, possibly a sold out house, is expected tonight for Raw in the new arena in Pittsburgh. There are only two more Monday Night Raws before WM27 which is yet another reason for everyone involved to raise their game tonight and next week in Chicago. As a broadcaster, these are the types of shows that I used to relish and couldn’t wait to take my seat at ringside to add just a little more ‘sauce’ to the entrée.”

    Check out the complete blog online at

  • JR Blog: Sin Cara’s WWE Debut, Michael Cole, His Future

    Posted on March 2nd, 2011 admin 13 comments

    Jim Ross Blog

    Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at Below are some highlights:

    “Not sure when he will debut but assume it will be after WM27. I know both Raw and Smackdown brands are keenly interested in the young, masked performer. He’s very talented and will dazzle many with his high flying skills. If you’re not familiar with Sin Cara go on You Tube and check out ‘Mistico.’ It’s amazing that so many experts have it figured out that WWE will not fully maximize Sin Cara’s abilities which at this stage of the process is a joke.”

    “It’s amazing how many times a day I get Tweets @JRsBBQ or emails to this site asking me when I’m returning to WWE. I’ve been with WWE since 1993 but left the air due to health reasons in October of 2009 but never left the company. Am I coming back to work on a weekly TV show or on a PPV? That’s not my call folks. Would I like to? Of course particularly the PPV side of that equation. Some of you that follow up regularly must be getting tired of this too but apparently we are gaining new followers on Twitter and new visitors to this site daily. BTW I’m feeling great and my health is better than it’s been in a decade I’m blessed to say.”

    “No one in WWE has done a better job of developing a new persona than has Michael Cole over the past few months. His goal was to get people to see another side of him, he does have an outgoing personality, and to dislike him enough to want to see someone kick his butt. Cole has succeeded in that task. Does Cole rub me the wrong way on TV more often than not? Absolutely. He can be a tool.”

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