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  • Ted DiBiase Speaks on WWE Monitoring Concussions, More

    Posted on January 17th, 2011 admin 12 comments

    WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr. recently called into and had the following to say concerning injuries in wrestling and WWE’s continued effort to monitor concussions:

    “But it [injuries] happens. People get hurt. If it’s bad enough, usually, if you need to have surgery, you’re off. If it’s something you can work through, you usually just grit your teeth, tape it up real tight and try to go ’cause the show must go on.

    WWE does an excellent job especially in the area of head injuries, as far as concussions. I know I was actually slapped in the face one night and it knocked me out. I had a mild concussion and they would not let me wrestle for three weeks to a month. I did other things in the show, but they wouldn’t let me perform in the ring. That’s the thing, as a company, we take very serious now. We go through a lot of steps, a lot of tests and stuff and we have our doctors who are certified to handle us and make the call.

    We’re taken care of.” You can read the entire interview if you CLICK HERE.

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