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  • Tiffany Not Thrilled with New Drew & Kelly Storyline

    Posted on January 3rd, 2011 admin 4 comments

    Former WWE Diva Tiffany

    The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with Former WWE Diva Tiffany. Here are a few highlights.

    The current storyline with Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre: “Drew had gone to the writers quite a few times to pitch that exact storyline with me. Then, since I got released, they decided to use Kelly. I’m not really sure if that was meant as a way of, `Yeah. You’re gone. Let us torture you a little bit’ or not. It is what it is. I will never know.

    It sucks because I know that was the role originally pitched for me and Drew, which would have been amazing because we are actually a couple. I think it’s a little bit ridiculous because everyone who watches WWE knows that we are married. So it’s a little strange. I personally don’t understand it, but at the same time I sort of get myself into a little bit of controversy talking about it.

    I get all these tweets saying how I feel about it and about how it’s not acting. Wrestling is real. The actual wrestling is real. Everybody beats the crap out of each other. That’s all real. What goes on backstage and is written by the writers is all acting. It’s acting. So it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

    It’s awkward for them too. Kelly’s boyfriend has to sit there and watch it all too. It’s a little awkward for everybody, but at the same time, I had to do something similar with Ricky Ortiz when I was on ECW. Drew had to watch us touch lips.”

    Her relationship with Drew McIntyre and the future: “I went from working as much as Drew to, all of a sudden, he is gone all the time. I’m home all the time, so I have to play housewife. That is a little weird and definitely not who I am because I like to work a lot. The whole situation sucks, but on the other hand, there are other opportunities.

    `Tommy Dreamer and I are really good friends, so maybe there is an opportunity over at TNA. I actually also have a match (indy match) on February 5th against Cheerleader Melissa in San Francisco.”

    Her wrestling and non-wrestling roles: “I don’t feel I got to the point where I would call myself a `good’ wrestler but I was definitely working my butt off to get there.

    I really had a lot more to offer in the ring. I enjoyed that and working with Layla and Michelle [McCool]. They were such a pleasure to work with. I was really bummed out because for the longest time I was the general manager for ECW, so I feel like there was so much more I could have shown.

    I was training for three years with the likes of Billy Kidman and Dr. Tom Prichard. They had me in the general manager role, which is great, but I would go in every week and tell them that I wanted to do something more. Then when I finally got it, it was taken away a few months later.”

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