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  • TMZ Coverage Of JWoww/TNA; She’s Up For A Rematch

    Posted on October 20th, 2010 admin 12 comments

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    Jwoww — Totally Down for Girl-on-Girl Rematch

    Jwoww’s chick-fighting days aren’t over yet — TMZ has learned the “Jersey Shore” star is dyin’ for a “rematch” with Cookie — that TNA wrestler who Jwoww kicked the living crap out of last week.

    As we previously reported — Cookie, an angry little Snook-alike — talked some serious smack after she was beat down at a TNA event last week … saying Jwoww would be too chicken to get back in the ring.

    But sources close to Jwoww tell us … “Cookie didn’t even get one good punch in with her … Jwoww would be down for a rematch with that trash.”

    No word on when the two plan to have it out — but we’re pretty confident it’s gonna happen.

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