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  • Torrie Wilson Won’t Sign Nude Photos, Talks In-Ring Fears

    Posted on January 21st, 2011 admin 5 comments

    Torrie Wilson

    The following are some highlights from a new Miami Herald article centered around former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson:

    After spending more than nine years in the business, former World Wrestling Entertainment diva Torrie Wilson made the decision to walk away from the ring.

    With the physical toll and demanding schedule the blonde bombshell had reached a breaking point in 2008.

    Wilson saw the adjustment to home life an easy transition.

    “It wasn’t hard for me at all,” said Wilson, who underwent surgery and physical therapy on her back.

    “I was so run down from traveling that I loved every second of it. Maybe by the year-and-a-half mark, I probably started getting a little bored being at home but was able to schedule a few trips when I wanted to go somewhere.

    “It’s also always hard to have friends outside the wrestling business; so it was nice to cultivate friendships and do a few things ‘normal’ people are able to do.

    “[With the back], I still find that I do everything I did before. I can run and workout and everything, but it’s not something I would ever think about risking going back and getting back into the ring. The thought of taking a back bump scares me.”

    And here’s one more excerpt from the piece:

    The Playboy cover girl has an advisory for fans meeting her at signings.

    “It’s crazy to believe since I did so much in wrestling and having posed for Playboy twice that I would be kind of prudish,” said Wilson.

    “A fan came in one time with a bunch of photos from Playboy from the inside. He just kind of threw them on the table to get signed. I was so embarrassed and kind of hid under the table. I wanted to cover myself up. I don’t sign nude photos ever. All day long I felt bad for the fan, but I just don’t do it. It was not a fun experience. I just hope that doesn’t happen again.”

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