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  • Wrestlicious Champ Glory a.k.a. Christie Ricci Bashes NXT

    Posted on September 18th, 2010 admin 6 comments

    Glory aka Christie Ricci

    Current Wrestlicious Champion Glory, aka Christie Ricci, posted the following on her Facebook page referring to AJ’s match on this past week’s edition of WWE NXT: “I just saw a match on NXT. Obviously these girls are not trained! This girl, “AJ” went from a total dead sell to getting up, flipping her hair and beating the crap out of a dude! BRILLIANT! I have a good idea, WWE! Why don’t you get Orton to sh*t in a bag, then through it in the ring… at least that would be interesting and more realistic. And just think.. next year this girl will be PWI’s top wrestler!!!”

    She sounds a bit jealous to me!

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