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  • WWE Branding The Miz, Backstage Politics Involved

    Posted on July 19th, 2010 admin No comments

    According to several sources within WWE, Michael Cole’s PPV commentary tonight about The Miz being “the future of Raw” was a directed line from Vince McMahon, and was a specific line the company will be building on.

    The Miz is seen by McMahon as a reliable workhorse, and is making the most of his push by doing as many media days and corporate appearances as possible. Miz has campaigned to be recognized as a “go-to” guy by McMahon, and is now starting to get the rewards of his appearances, media talks, and willingness to devote so much of his time to the company. One person I spoke with said it’s the very same way John Cena got over with Vince McMahon, and the similarities are uncanny. “McMahon didn’t like Cena at first, but Cena just worked harder than anyone else and won him over with a tireless work ethic,” I was told. “The Miz is doing the exact same thing.” 

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